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Feature Request Tips

Have an idea on how to make our system better? Here are a few tips on writing good feature requests: 
  • Make sure it's unique
    • Try to do a quick search to make sure nobody else has had the same idea as you. If you do find a similar idea and have something to add, comment on the post!
  • Describe your use case
    • Help us fully understand the context in which this feature will be used so we can plan accordingly.
  • Describe the problem and propose a solution
    • Knowing what issue you face which makes you want such a feature helps us better understand the feature's necessity.
  • Link any examples or research you may have 
    • Is there another system which has a similar solution to what you are proposing? How are you solving the problem, or trying to, currently? Etc. 
  • Make the title of your request short and sweet
    • No need to make the title overly elaborate, just make the request simple and clear to help other people searching for similar requests in the future. 

Our team looks forward to your feedback! Thank you for taking the time to write such a well thought out feature request.

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